We place great importance on relationships at Pennylane.  By creating wonderful partnerships with parents and families, we believe that we can work together to provide the very best outcomes for children.

It’s incredibly hard to put into words what a special place Pennylane is. It sounds cliché, but it truly does feel like a home away from home, the staff like family. I have quite literally laughed and cried with them and on them… and they have nurtured my nutty, outgoing daughters with beautiful individual care and love.

My now 5-year-old was encouraged to be her imaginative, bold self while simultaneously being helped to manage the very big emotions that come with that personality… and with being four. Very soon after she started in ‘Kohara’ room (the “big kids” room), her key teacher started appearing in the bedtime list of people she loves (the rest all family members).

Meanwhile my 2.5-year-old has invited her favourite teacher to her 3rd birthday party (in June) and to be fair, she would be VERY handy to have around? Amazing to think theirs was a bond initially created via Zoom during lockdown. Even then, Pennylane shone bright.

Whether it’s the daily drop-off with all their smiley, welcoming faces, team outings to parks or Halswell Quarry, the ever-changing great spaces kaiako create for the kids, the guest speakers/performers they bring in or the delicious/nutritious food the kids get dished up (and then refuse my home version of because “it’s noooot Pennylane noodles”)… this team – from front desk right through the building - is something else.

Luke and Sarah only hire the best. Miss you already Pennylaners xx

-Rachel Parkin  - 2021

After visiting a number of preschools, we made the decision for our 16 month-old daughter, Maeve, to join Pennylane and we just couldn’t be happier with our decision.  From the moment we walked through the door, we felt so genuinely welcomed by all of the staff and every step of the way we felt supported.  The teachers in the Kahurangi Room ensured that she had the most caring and gentle transition, as she found her confidence and developed a sense of belonging.  The primary caregiving system made us feel so secure in the sense that Maeve was able to have a trusting connection with her primary carer whilst also enjoying relationships with all the other teachers.  The professionalism of the teaching staff is of such a high standard, we knew that we could have absolute faith in her happiness and wellbeing every session.  We were amazed how the teachers connected with Maeve, observing her interests and personality and truly understanding her in such a short time.  The programme is flexible and responsive to meet the needs of the children and the teacher interactions are always so calm and respectful.  It fills our hearts with joy to arrive and see our daughter having such a wonderful time.  We feel so grateful to have found such an amazing centre to belong to!

-Kelly and Jeremy Griffiths

Pennylane Early Childhood Centre is our Preschool. It is a place of inviting warmth and wondrous discovery. My two children, of different stages and with varying needs are nurtured by exceptional teachers and the wider team. My children are provided with a loving base in which to learn, grow and develop. The teachers fill Pennylane with rich and meaningful conversation, that allows for my children’s emerging ideas to flourish. There are magical invitations to play, where curious minds take off and my children explore. I am given peace of mind knowing that in all ways, my children are safe. My children are supported in understanding their own limits and boundaries, and their diverse emotional needs are thoughtfully planned for and met. Their learning and achievements are celebrated by teachers and the Pennylane community, and the teachers create beautiful memoirs of their preschool journey that are ours to keep, forever.

Pennylane is a sanctuary for my children, a happy and peaceful place. We are lucky that it is our Preschool.

-Helen Broadbent

Pennylane has been terrific for both of our two children, Sofia and Henry, and also us as parents. We found it quite daunting, trusting the most important things in our lives to a childcare centre but we couldn't be happier with the support and nurturing the staff have shown the Kids and have since learned that Pennylane is anything but a normal childcare. We looked throug 10 centres in total before we found Pennylane! In each of the classes we have found excellent teachers who know how to care and push the children for their life stage and work closely with us as parents in identifying goals for the future months. We have been particularly impressed with how the teachers tailor activities for each child's strengths and to enhance their ongoing learning. Sofia has very much come out of her shell over the past year and the guidance and activities put on for her at Pennylane has played a huge part in her development. We are particularly heartened by the fact that both of the kids talk regularly about all of the fun and exciting things they get to do at Pennylane and the bonds that they have formed with both the other kids and the teachers. We have also thoroughly enjoyed the Whanau evenings and the opportunity to get to know the other parents and teachers. We couldn't be happier with our choice in choosing Pennylane and would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a top quality childcare centre.

-Paul Daly

I would like to forward my gratitude for all Pennylane has done for my beautiful tamahine. They have so enjoyed the time they spent at Pennylane. They will always have a special bond with the kaiako there. James was very emotional leaving after Mihi's 'graduation to school' mat-time and certainly felt the aroha Mihi got from being there. Thank you again for Mihi's early childhood education - we couldn't be happier.

-Jasmine Stirling

Although Patrick is moving forward to a great adventure at school, it is with considerable sadness that we say good-bye to the Penny Lane staff, in particular yourself and the wonderfully talented and caring teachers in the Kohara Room.

After a bump in the road at another childcare provider, I came to Penny Lane feeling unsure and concerned that my expectations of Patrick receiving a high standard of care were unrealistic. With extreme relief and joy I had the experience of having my confidence and faith restored by your amazing teachers.

Patrick has blossomed during his time at Penny Lane. The nurturing environment provided has seen his confidence grow and his oral language expand well beyond our expectations. The teachers’ willingness to follow the interests of the children in such depth has been so inspiring and has assured me that the teachers know the children very well and that building relationships is at the heart of everything they do.

Jane and  I would also like to thank the staff for the time they have taken to talk with us each day. Patrick is absolutely the light of our lives; hearing about his day in such detail and feeling the affection that all of the staff have for him, has given us so much joy. 

-Catherine Corcoran

I come from a very hands-on family, and we are all impressed with Pennylane. All the staff are very friendly, approachable and nothing is ever a problem, and whoever is picking up my daughter is made to feel welcome. The environment they provide is not only stimulating but well organized and professional. My daughter has had so much fun and has learnt so much, she especially enjoys the hui time, music and drama sessions, they have taught her the values that have helped her reach her full potential to being a caring, curious and self sufficient person, which will set her up for life. The whanau evenings they have also shows how important family is to the centre.

-Janine Duff

I cannot say enough how happy I have been to be part of Pennylane, albeit for such a short time, and it is honestly so sad to be moving on. After 17 years of having children in ECE I finally found what I consider to be the best preschool. All the staff are so friendly and professional, payment options so simple, classrooms well laid out, the daily schedule great, and the ease of having meals provided makes this place the perfect centre for busy working families.

-Davina Geddes

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